Listed Company Compliances - under Listing Agreements & SEBI Regulations

  • Due Diligence & Consultancy for Initial Public Offerings
  • Lifting of Suspension and Listing of Existing Companies (including MSME) with the Stock Exchanges
  • Delisting of Shares
  • Allotment of Shares on Preferential Basis, ESOP, Sweat Equity, Bonus, Rights
  • Audit and Certification under Corporate Governance
  • Listing of Debentures & other securities
  • Takeover of Listed Companies
  • Applications for obtaining Informal Guidance on matters concerning the companies
  • Consultation in matters of obtaining In-Principle Approval and other Approvals for change of name, issue of securities, merger and amalgamations, ESOP, Sweat Equity from the relevant Stock Exchanges
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